A Peptide – Why As A Bodybuilder You Need To Know It More

A peptide is a type of a simple amino acid that exists naturally in the body. Every amino acid compound has a carboxyl group as well as an amine group. When one carboxyl group of one amino acid bonds with an amine group from another amino acid, a covalent bond is formed. The arising compound is then referred to as a peptide. It can be a dipeptide, tripeptide or a quadripeptide and so on depending on the number of amino acids that have bonded.

Understanding the peptides and knowing what exactly they do has been a complicated thing for many people. It is however very simple when you start by knowing that the term itself means ‘digest’.  In the human body and in every other animal, the monomer amino acids come together and are joined by the amine chains. The chains can be very long and that’s why these compounds are classified under oligomers and polymers.

Peptides in the body

Many people easily associate polymers with plastics and the chemical long chains. Just like in chemistry, a polymer in biology is a short chain which repeats itself continually. As it happens, an amino chain can get extremely long and complicated and this is when it becomes a protein.

As A Bodybuilder

The study of peptides and proteins is an ongoing involving journey for scientists and there is a lot that remains undiscovered. However, this compound can be categorized into how it functions hence making it easy to know what they do in the body. The different classes include; neuropeptides, hormones, and alkaloids. The classification is unlimited and by far one of the most imperfect and unrefined. Nevertheless, a majority of scientists agree that this compound does not necessarily fall into a scientific pattern.

How does it work in the body?

A peptide can perform a myriad of functions in the human body. However, what it does wholly depend on the amino acids that are joined. There are those associated with providing the body with antibiotics while there are those which will help you gain muscles. When it comes to bodybuilding, the proteins you eat such as meat gets attacked by enzymes found in the intestines. Such proteins are broken down into an assortment of peptides. Depending on the needs of the body at a particular time, some of it will be excreted while others will be assimilated into the body.


Bodybuilders and other athletes today prefer to energize their bodies using peptides mainly because it does not have any side effects. The other obvious advantage is that it does not put an athlete in the path of drug abuse contradiction battles. The use of a peptide is not illegal mainly because there are many of them in the body and it is really hard to identify them. Furthermore, many scientists are coming to the conclusion that this compound can be used for muscle fiber repair which is a critical performance component for every active athlete. When this compound is used, studies have shown that damaged muscles repair within a short time and perfectly.

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